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If you live in Downtown of Seattle, then it is probably more convenient to find an OBGYN clinic near Downtown, or perhaps along the East Madison Street. There are many Women Clinic near the Downtown, and most of them are reputable with very good reviews from their patients. But if you live in Madison Park, then you should look for OB/GYN that is at the West of Seattle.

If you are not from Seattle and are traveling from outside to Seattle, you can always contact the OBGYN clinic and the friendly staff will help you with your accommodation. You do not need to worry about the logistic. It is common for people to travel to Seattle to seek women health treatment. The clinic is used to helping patients book their accommodation, and even handle their transport if required. Some OBGYN groups will even arrange tourist activity for their patients.

Interesting Facts About Seattle You Need To Know

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Are you planning to visit Seattle? Are you a resident of the city and looking to know some interesting facts about it? Well, here are some interesting facts about the city that should fascinate you.

  • The first economic boom experienced in Seattle is attributable to the timber industry. Developers who arrived in the city converted forests of trees which were more than 1000 years old into logs, about 400ft high. Later, they milled timber that was shipped into San Francisco
  • Boeing had a significant growth during World War 2. During this period, Boeing was the largest employer for most of the Seattle residents. The company was founded in Seattle as a boat company originally but the founder, William Boeing became fascinated with airplanes and flying. Later, he transformed the company into the largest airplane manufacturing brand in the world. After the war, the plants were closed and over 70,000 people were laid off. The company reinvented itself to become the biggest manufacturer of the commercial passenger airlines.
  • If you love buying your coffee from Starbucks, you should know that Seattle is the home of the largest coffee chain. The original Starbucks was opened in Pike Place Market in the year 1971.
  • Seattle is famous for the space needle which was built in 1962 for the world’s fair. At that time it was the tallest building to the west of the Mississippi river. The creation of the space needle was the inspiration for the Germany’s Stuttgart Tower.
  • The Washington state ferry is 3rd largest globally and the largest in the Unites States. Each year, the ferry system carries over 25 million passengers. Pier 52 is the busiest terminal in the United States.
  • The city is famous for being featured in the movie, Sleepless in Seattle, featuring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Before the female lead was cast, Julia Roberts, Michele Pfeiffer, and Kim Basinger had turned down the role.
  • Compared to other cities with similar sizes in the U.S, many people choose to bike to work every day. Actually, Seattle was the first city to have police on bicycles, a trend that has been adopted in numerous other cities all over the world.
  • It has been ranked the most literate city in the country with most of the residents having a college degree and higher. Actually, the public library system has the highest number of card-holders in the whole United States.


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